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About Us


Andrea Zuccari's partner first, and then wife, I saw the birth and then growth of Andrea's passion for what was the physiology of the human body, from the perspective of the freediver in general, focusing especially on equalisation.
Andrea had a particular flair for apnea and equalisation. This led him to equalise without questioning how this mechanism worked.
I, on the other hand,  although I had been a diving instructor for years had huge problems with equalisation.
When I asked him "but how do you equalise?" the answer was " Ali, I don't know, it's like you have to explain to someone how you move a finger, you just move it!"
From there, out of love for me and to be able to explain to me how to equalise he began his course of study, which would lead him to be one of the world's greatest ear and equalisation  experts, and to start his CHILD, Equalization Academy.
For years he took courses, and internships all over the world, getting great results from novices and experienced freedivers alike. Every year his knowledge grew thanks to continuous studies and discussions with doctors, with experts, thanks to tests done in hyperbaric chambers and in doctors' offices with otolaryngologists, and thanks to hi
s curiosity and passion for this subject that led him to continuous discoveries. He  invented new exercises also with the help of elements such as speech therapy and instruments such as the otovent, and created new methods to explain in the simplest and most intuitive  way possible this difficult subject that is "equalisation"
It would be impossible now to leave in the shadows all this knowledge and expertise  that he himself created.
And that's why I have decided to carry on his school, Equalization Academy.


Sfondo 16-9 300dpi-01.jpg


I am a Fipsas 2nd degree indoor and outdoor freediving instructor
Fipsas indoor and outdoor freediving coach
Instructor of basic swimming activities
I am on the Fipsas exam committee for 1st and 2nd degree instructor courses where I take care of all their training and skills regarding compensation
Dan Equaleasy instructor for all 3 modules basic/scuba/freediver
I have organized and participated in 11 EA workshops by Andrea of all levels
In 2021 I created Deeply Asinara ( 4 dates each summer ) full immersion workshop dedicated entirely to compensation with theory and practice in the water . Since 2022 one of the 4 dates was personally curated by Andrea .
With Dan I organized and taught several Equaleasy freediver courses where I certified 135 students
Outside the Equaleasy program I did workshops mainly in Sardinia where I supervised and certified about 100 students



In 2014 I became an Apnea instructor with SSI and after gaining teaching experience for another school, in 2016 I found my own freediving centre - Deep Waters Milano ASD.
3 years later I achieved the SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer certification, thus starting to teach professional instructor courses as well. In 2017 I started my collaboration with Andrea Zuccari, completing the Equaleasy by DAN instructor course. From that moment a really fruitful professional relationship was born where  I was able to learn both from the student and instructor point of view.
I participated as an assistant in several of Andrea's Workshops consolidating my skills on the subject of equalisation starting from the initial modules up to the complete course concerning the most advanced equalisation techniques according to the Equalization Academy path, the brand created by Andrea whose purpose is the study and teaching of equalisation
Of Andrea, I have always admired the level of detail in his studies and the simplification of exercises, greatly improving the success rate of students in achieving their goals.
I am honored to be able to make a contribution so that Andrea's wonderful work continues to be shared  according to the principles in which we both have always believed - awareness and simplification.

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